Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New school year!

Ah....finally the first day of school is here!  Well, for part of my brood, anyways.  My youngest is still in elementary and started back today.  My daughter, who is the middle child, doesn't officially start until tomorrow but is an 8th grade peer leader so she had to be at school for a few hours to help out the incoming 7th graders.  (our middle school is only 7th and 8th grade...kinda strange for those of us who grew up with middle schools that included 6th grade as well).  My oldest is now a junior in high school.  (holy cow where did the time go?  I still remember crying on his first day of kindergarten.)  So as an upperclassmen he doesn't have to start until tomorrow either. (which he is VERY happy about)


I took the day off work so that I could run kids around on the first day, meet the teacher, etc...it almost feels like it used to before I went back to work.  I miss those days--having the time to volunteer in the kids classes, being in the PTA, actually getting to know my kids' teachers. (what a concept)  Even though it means readjusting our schedule again to account for homework and after-school activities, I am glad everyone is back in school, keeping busy.


  1. Good morning my dear!
    I saw your lovely comment in my blog, and popped over here to visit your little arty nook, your drawings are just so beautiful!!
    now onto the watercolour.
    the ones in my image are from a big department store called Big W, I'm an aussie so it might be hard for you to find, they are so cheap and yet work really well! they were 10 dollars. If you havent found a brand you like that't within your price range pop me an email and I will grab you a set.
    theinnerstitch @gmail.com
    xx Courtney

  2. Hi Courtney...you are so sweet to offer that! I found Big W online, but they didn't offer the watercolors. That's okay...I ended up using a 40% off coupon for Michael's (our craft retail chain) and bought an inexpensive set. I'll see how they work. = ) thanks so much for the reply, and for becoming my second member! Very kind of you.