Sunday, September 4, 2011

Portland Photo Safari

My husband, being the thoughtful person he is, bought my son and me a Groupon for a photo safari in downtown Portland.  My son is a great photographer, me...not so much.  So we spent 2 1/2 hours with a professional photographer and 10 other eager souls traipsing around Portland and learning about apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, composition... and realizing photography does not come naturally (okay, that last part only applies to me!)  Apart from feeling totally out of my element, I really did learn a lot about taking pictures and now feel like I can actually use my new camera in a mode other than "Auto".  I also saw downtown in a whole new way, found some surprising architecture, and discovered that I am still the meekest one of the bunch who will miss a photo opportunity because I can't bring myself to push into the crowd or ruin someone's picture by getting in their way. = )

One of our "assignments" was to find a pattern:

We had to take a picture of the bubblers (I thought they were water fountains, lol)  My son and I laughed at the fact that we were all clustered around this bubbler taking its picture. People driving by probably thought we were either crazy, or tourists, or both.  ; )
This was an example of the amazing architecture we found.  I have never seen this; it is perched over the door to a building and is rather intimidating to walk under.

Another photo of the bubblers we crowded around:

More than anything else, I had an exceptionally great time spending the day with my son. = )

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