Monday, February 6, 2012

Book of Days

I am loving Book of Days with Effy Wild!  It is so fun:  the ladies who are in this group are super-supportive, we have so much great work being posted, and Effy is doing an amazing job keeping it all going.  Her videos and live stream are so fun to watch!  I am just starting my art journaling journey--learning to let go of trying to be "perfect" hasn't been easy.  I am trying to remember that this is my journal, my place to have fun, to experiment, to express my feelings...and although we do post our pages for others to see (which is completely optional), my book is still ultimately just for me. Even painting the cover was new to me...using papers, paints, shimmer mists, (bubble wrap, even!) is still an experiment for me since I tend to gravitate to graphite and drawing paper! =D

Sorry for the terrible photo, but here's my cover for my Book of Days.  (It took me a month to finally get brave enough to post it to the group, lol!)  I especially loved ripping up my patterned papers and gluing them down, and using my bubble wrap as a way to create texture and fun!!


  1. This is fantastic! You create some very BEAUTIFUL girls! Such talent! Thanks so much for stopping by and relating to me :)

  2. Hi, Stephanie! Thank you so much for coming by my blog and for the sweet comment! I love your Book of Days...lovely! Come back and visit me any time! xoxo

  3. your book is lovely - I've just joined the book of days group - i have some catching up to do.
    come and visit a fellow chokaholik!