Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book of Days and my fear of bees

Fear of bees is also called Apiphobia...just found that out recently.  =D  Actually, my phobia pretty much extends to anything that flies.  I wonder if there is a name for that?  I can't even explain how freaked out I get when I hear something buzzing and flying around me.  Bees, wasps, other things that sting...I get my fear of that.  I've been stung by bees a few times as a kid, so avoidance of pain is completely understandable, lol.  But I can't even stand the sound of something flying around me.  June bugs, don't even get me started, ugh.  When we lived in Texas we had what were called "waterbugs", basically huge stinking cockroaches.  Every so often we would find them in the house, and one night one of them decided to take off flying....FLYING.  Holy crap, talk about a freak-out kind of moment.  All I could think about was one of those things deciding to land in my hair.  *shudders*  Anyways, I am starting to freak myself out, so on to other things...

I did a spread in my Book of Days about a particular time I was able to somewhat "conquer" my apiphobia.  My husband had taken me to a lavender farm, knowing how much I LOVE lavender...we were going to pick some fresh lavender so that I could dry it at home.  When we finally arrived at the field, basket and scissors in hand, I discovered that we humans are not the only ones who like lavender...the entire field was COVERED in bees.  You could literally hear the hum as you approached.  Each plant had about 30 bees on it...I was absolutely mortified.  =D  My husband very sweetly offered to pick all my lavender for me, but I was very upset at the thought of missing out on picking my own lavender.  I wanted to walk into that field and inhale.  So I did it.  Walked into the field, literally surrounded by 1000's of bees, and cut my lavender.  I wish I could say it cured me of my bee fear, didn't.  But hey, I came home with my fresh cut, beautiful, wonderful-smelling lavender.  And the respect of my husband.  =D 

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